Denim is one type of textile that is universally favored by all ages, races, sexes and timeless. Therefore, the Denim industry is the next industrial target for the development of attention by Duniatex Group to realize our dream of becoming the largest integrated textile company in Indonesia. The process of making Denim is similar to the process of weaving other fabrics, except that it needs to go through the indigo process at the beginning of the preparation (thread coloring). The types of raw materials we use to make denim fabrics are cotton, rayon, spandex, polyester and slub yarn. Currently the type of Oz denim that we produce ranges from 4.5 Oz to 13.5 Oz with 2 basic types color blue and black. With the quality of our qualified resources and sophisticated machinery, we are able to reach a production capacity of 1 million yards / month and we are sure to provide the best quality for our potential buyers.

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